Tuesday, September 22, 2009



            A few days ago i got an invitation for our third school reunion, i liked the idea so much as it was at the same days we're  celebrating EID........
       In fact i went there even if lots of best friends didn't do, but alot of wonderful ppl were there, some whome i know as we joined the school together & lots i don't, but we got a nice time together, as we shared ideas to start working as a  team of talented LIBYANS,as we all joined ALFATAH CENTER FOR GIFTED STUDENS in Benghazi together this place who gave us a great push to go on & succeed, It seems that i'm nothing  beside those who finshed their masters & others who worked at great companies , doctors & more & more of successful very young  ppl whome you feel proud of .........

           Every one tried to give his idea about the coming reunion & i did too, we'll start working in different groubs according to our fields to make OUR LIBYA , the best Enshallah............it's our home & it deserves more , & every little change will make a great difference...........

Saturday, September 19, 2009


nothing like aseeda can make Eid's special flavor.....of course before relatives & visitors of Eid made the best flavor.....................enshallah EID  MUBARAK TO ALL MUSLIMS