Saturday, December 27, 2014

Benghazi under fire ....

         for those who still think that Benghazi still exists, yes it's suffering everyday supported only by Allah and the Libyan Army who are doing their best to support us , but we will not allow Benghazi to be a terror home , we are losing men everyday , we are displaced and we don't know that our homes still exists but with peace and real men forces we can stand up again ....
 for the international community dear all thanks for your silence , we are suffering everyday and with each other support we can , it's the oil fields turn now we will see much talks and support but it's too late

I attached a small preview of our current situation

Terrorist in Allithi with fired civialns homes

Libyan army coup killed and burned in Allithi Massacre 
army supporting families homes destroyed by terrorists in Allithi 

Terror forces taking the was to the oil fields 
burned oil tanks in Alsedra 

Cutted head for a libyan army coup found 

destroyed homes in Alsabry 

Benghazi citycenter and port fired

Libyan couphead found cut in Allithi Massacres  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

في عيدنا الثالث .... اولادنا هما اساس البلاد نبونها صح

فالعيد الوطني لثورة فبراير ... وبما ان اليوم عطلة حبيت نعرج على طريق فايتها نص الشعب ....
اولادك شن موقفهم الحالي م الثورة ...؟؟؟  وهل انت راضي عنها ؟؟؟ هل انت راضي عن توجهاتهم ؟؟؟ جلست معاهم فهمتهم شن صار وشن صاير ؟؟؟؟
هذا يومها ؟؟؟  عطلة 24 ساعه تقدر تغرس فيهم بذرة خير تستفيد منها بلادك
ببساطة  اولا وطنك ووطن اطفالك الاول هو بيتكم .... تربيتهم تعاملهم حفاظهم و التزامهم ... تحصيلهم الدراسي ... هو مستقبل بلادنا ... للاسف لو اولادك يسمعو منك فالوضع اللي صاير اكيد مش حيكونو فاهمينه صح ومنحازين لطرف دون اخر
كيف ممكن تصلحها
استغل اليوم هذا تحكيلهم شن صار معانا ولو هما واعيين للي صار ... فكرهم بكيف بلادهم تحسنت لما حتى هما كانوا مشاركين فتحسين الاوضاع فالبلاد .... فكرهم بالشهداء و البطولة ... فكرهم برجال لازم يعرف اساميهم ويدعيلهم و يكونو قدوتة ... فكرهم ان الابطال هما نتاج لتربية وحب الله والاوطن ... وفكرهم ان اولادهم وهلهم بينا وواجبنا نفتخرو بالاسر اللي كبرتهم ونكونو قدوة ليهم
  فكرهم بالصبر والمده اللي تحملناها .... فكرهم ان المال مش كل شي ... بس بالجهد والاخلاص تنال كل شي ... فكرهم بان وقفتنا الوحدة هي اللي نصرتنا ....  فكرهم انهم كانو يدعو لناس عمرهم ماشافوهم  رابطهم الوحيد هو حبهم ونصرتهم لدينهم وبلادهم .... فكرهم ان لولا صلاتهم معاك فالجامع و دعاءهم هما اللي جابلنا النصر  يعني اخلاصنا وجهدنا مع صلاتنا ودعائنا هما بس اللي محتاجتهم بلادنا عشان توقف ....
فكرهم بتطوعهم وكيف كان مثمر وكيف حبتهم الناس .... ذكرهم انهم ناس محظوظين انهم عاشو اللحظات هذي بروحهم وشاركو فيها وواجبهم يسندوها لين توقف بلادنا ....
فكرهم انه فوقتها كان لكل  لحد سلاحه ... وسلاحه توا هو دراستة ومساعده بلاده
اقترح عليهم يقدمو شي للبلاد فالايام هذي .... شي ولو بسيط او شي حبوة فوقتها يكرروة ... وخليها عنجهم عادة يديروها ولو مرة فالشهر او حتى فالسنة .....
علمهم ان حب بلادنا مش دوة .... بتحب بلادك .... حافظ عليها ... ماتنقلش اشاعه ... اقرا كويس ... ابتسم لجارك ... دير واجبك على اكمل صورة ... احترم رايتها اللي رفعوها ثوارنا وشهدائنا الله يرحمهم عشان ترتاح انت اليوم
لو حكالك عالوضع توا .... ماتلوماش اسمع رايه كله ....
اساله لو عاجبة .... وساعده باللي قلناه يطبقة ساعده يفهم جميع الاراء مش رايك ... وخليه يفهم ويختار .... ساعده ينسى العنصرية اللي كبرنا عليها ساعده يفهم ان هو املنا فبكرة ... اذا الكل على غلط يكون هو الصح اللي يرشدهم للطريق

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Libya....shall we give up or step up?

Dear my Libya .... in your third anniversary ..... I promise to do my job perfectly , help ppl around as far as I can , be a citizen that you feel proud of , sharing positivity around as far as I can
yours sincerely

Monday, December 23, 2013

♡♡Libya's National day24-12-2013 ♡♡ ....

I know many pessimistic will say ...look are you still enjoying your national days, you are mad
In fact beside all the negativity around and all the illegal acts happening in Libya , I have to congratulate my country's achievement in 1951
But what made me that optimistic?
In fact since the first day in the revolution I still believe that it won't be easy anf won't happen in a short time,  a country who was lead by the dictatorship will need along time to start up it's new page...
In a country who never knew the meaning of democracy,dont blame them  , those who tried to talk before will shout now just to try the high pitched talks!
And who was a victim will try to revenge... this is the normal human reaction against what he never tried before. ...
But how can we pass it ??
In fact we can

Just as you leave your home in the morning. ..join your job in time , drive safe and respect the roles, work hard , and believe that it's all for Allah and your homeland♡♡...

→if you are a father or a teacher you are our main generator ... it's your role to create a wise generation, learn them to help and volunteer... Islam hopefully full of those great acts. .. learn them to pray and smile, learn them to share love, humanity, educate them well... this is how real peace is born

→ If you are a doctor,  help your patients,  educate them about their diseases and support their families,  not only medicines who relife pain, smooth words can kill it ...

Those are only examples and you can find your right path
I sweared
((وخوذي مني وثيقات العهود انني يا ليبيا لن اخذلك) )

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Finally my medical studies are coming to an end ...Next Wednesday I'll start with medicine ..Please remmber me in your prayers ... unfortunately I was one year later as of my colleagues but hopefully that year was one of my best years ... Libya was liberated ... and we are back peacefully .... and I went to the job that I dreamed about ♥♥
By mid septembre it will be done

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unfortunately. ... but what's the solution?

I was really shocked , when read about what happened in that black night, i cant find a better description for what had happened to three Muslim girls unfortunately with their dad choose benghazi as their final destination. ....
To be honest it wasn't a great shock , as we heard what happened in Tripoli just few weeks ago. ... simply it's the second episode of the the same Series. .which is called LIbyan breeding. ...let's talk frankly ...haven't you seen them standing in front of the girl's schools. the streets in Ramadan nights as they weren't fasting ... in the street corners telling their phone numbers as trial of finding a mad girl who may call him back. .. while we are driving either closing your way or trying to harass you or your daughter winking all the way ... in the University standing in the corridors. .. in the hospital and you know more places than me ....

They are the same guys we see everyday. . Smoking in the prepartory school ... trying some braving pills in the secondary schools... and leaving the schools finally ... finding no job staying all day free ...trying every bad thing ... ending the story of finding many mates sharing their everyday bad life ... with everything possible... who cares ?

But lets ask ourselves a small question. .. where were their families from the beginning? 
Let's take an a Example of such a family. ..  father left school for any reason or even completed it ... a mother was chosen just beautiful..doesn't go out frequently and its better that if she didn't went to school or like to work. young as possible.. no mater who are her family. .. started their bad life in an apartment over his dad's house. .as he's unemployed he's trying everyday job ... or running 24hours out side... the mad mother got as many children as possible pretending that every child has own razga.. but the fact this is the only way she's trying to prevent her husband from getting married. .
So neither their fathet nor their mother had time to breed them ..or follow their performance. . The mother found her door to escape everyday to lama ...and when she's at At home their must be a Tv series to follow either Romantic or drama as her life...
And the children simply are whome we described in the beginning. . They didn't went to be bad from the beginning. ..but this is the only way
Let's talk frankly. .. what happened could had happened to any Libyan family ... but the family will choose to keep silence as of the great stigma that will follow this family for ever....
But. ... it happened unfortunately ... and we have to end it.... Belive me if we wanna to eradicate all of that ... let's go back to the real right family breeding and the real islam . ..  
Rusty roots never bring flower

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear world , unfortunately It's My Benghazi

as everyone knows ,Benghazi is now free from any international staff , as everyone doesnt know Bengo well thought that it'll be their final destination , Because of what had happened recently from the American Embassy , to the UN cars and finally the last Italian embassy , all the companies are trying to stay away from this city , but those who really know The real Bengo , sure wont do ,
Just a hint Benghazi is very safe <3 p="">

I wont tell you the cause but this is the secret behind this city , simply if you were here just 2 days back and just know , you'll know what i'm talking about , Magic? nope , it's the Revolution days , simply everyone without any alarm remembered how we  acted those days 2 years back and trying to make their best to make the city safe and happy, I was really a bit worried about my city , not from anything but from those who tries to make the black picture about Benghazi , but with today I'm not just happy , i'm hyper , and again not worried about the great heroes (Benghazi Citizens ) 
Simply  I wont say more , but thanks for those who made this dream possible , who aren't with  us today , but in a better place Raby yarhamhm - and our great freedom fighters whome we see those days back giving us the great feeling of revolution , and  I wish to see my Libya better and better , We did a great steps in this 2 years but still we 'll do more , 
May Allah save Our Libya 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

what I'm looking for from my New Libya

I'm really optimistic as usual for my new Libya , really happy to see the first ever elected Libyan ministers are in their way to start up their work ............ this is my wishes , i know it want be there all but , if we get even some that'll be great  .....
1. Education ....
Nothing will move the great obstacles in our way like education , i don't mean any other kind of education other than nursery and primary schools , me as as an ex student i used to believe in my teacher , but for sure not all of them just those who inspired me to be me Ruwida that i'm today Al7mdoleah , teachers who can bring up science , Islam , Maths , History and present to be be our milestones , hopefully we got great live lessons that even our kids participated in in our revolution , i'm not an education expert but i know that 's really possible ,
For example , many people are arguing about the security in Libya , and about the freedom fighters and their role ,  i still remember some years back I was watching a documentary in a Lebanese  TV channel about how children in Lebanon post conflict gave the great support and started to support the national military with standing and giving them respect each time they meet , and the results were amazing as everyone felt more responsible about their act , and gave them great support about their role in their war , and how it was really appreciated .

Dear Minster
*. Those who just graduated from university cant be teachers , teaching needs a methodology , and to know more about psychology and more about communication skills and the problems children may face in their classes- what we saw in the last months was convincing people to find up jobs in the education sector , but not finding Educators for our children

I really loved the real meaning of the word Education in Latin which is , breeding ........i think our teachers really doesn't know about that , of that this word which means raising .To tell the truth our children aren't in the right path at all , i see teenagers not just smoking , but even abusing drugs and at least TRAMADOL , many others have very bad habits that they learnt in their schools , and with for sure with their families closed eyes .In my point of view teachers need more care , as we need better and better education for our children and for our Libya for sure , let's start it from the beginning from the teachers the teaching method , it's their time to raise up our Libya ,

*. From another side , a student's point of view , so i went to schools i finished my education , and so .... what will happen if i got the best marks , isn't there a difference between me who got AA and the other idiot in my class .I go to school i pass exams but i can find a great gap between what i learn and the real life ................yup the Curriculum needs more development that can participate and use in our everyday life . and more ..... 

school timing , food , teaching assistant methods and more thing that we still need......

But remember we can get everything with their education !

Monday, October 01, 2012

Dear Breast cancer ...Game over ! It's Benghazi

                                          By @AbdullahDomaPhotoghraphy

Benghazi , had a great day today for the first time , we were a part of the world 's campaign fighting breast cancer , the wonderful part was to see both men and women being a part of the Pink Ribbon , all standing saying one word We'll Eradicate it ....! cancer is touching our souls as everyone we lost much and that was more than enough .....

Samar F.Shembesh (final year medical student)  & Faraj El-Hassi (second year medical student) , a part of I7san team , organized this event in front of Tibesty hotel in Benghazi ,in association with other civil societies and for sure the Libyan scout movement was there too .

To tell the truth , it was a perfect moment , and luckily i got to be a part of this ribbon , As of their plan they'll start up education programs for the whole October to be done around Benghazi in schools , hospitals , mosques and even IDPs camps ...............
Very proud of the great team , and this is the real Libya that i'm looking for ......

Friday, September 07, 2012

The last days for Breast cancer !

Dear world Benghazi is coming back to the way , Libyan youth team called I7san are trying their best to start awareness raising about Breast cancer ,

Libya as everywhere on Earth suffering form Breast cancer attacks , we are losing great mams , aunts and beloving because of it , this great team has just start their strong early steps , to spread the message to all the city citzens in public places schools , colleges just to make everyone safer from this easily preventable cancer ............ in fact this is what we i were looking for from the great Libyan youth

Best Luck Guys you are really on the right track .............