Monday, February 16, 2009


Really you can't belive how our neighbours were shocked two weeks ago when a seven membered family died when they were back from MISURATA(western libya) ,they made a horrible accident in which they were all killed,last friday mum told me that the pics of that accident will be viewed in libyan friday program (Sabah ALKHER AWAL JAMAHYRYA),BUT UNFORTIONATLEY they were not able to view it because another disaster happened last thursday when 4 young guys died too in another horrible road accident in their way to TUNISIA in ZULTON......what a real disaster,,,by the way i didn't discuss the small accidents in our cites which as i think kills at least 7 weekly ,,,,,,so what a real disaster .........aren't they all LIBYANS , isn't any one of them someone imporatant enogh for the authorites to make an urgent action....DON'T U ALL THINK THAT THE TIME IS UP TO START A NEW PAGE WITH THE LEAST ROAD ACCIDENT S................I THINK IT'S MORE THAN ENOUGH BUT WHAT'S THE ACTION THAT'S WHAT I DON'T KNOW REALLLY
SINCE 3 or 4 weeks ago i was listening to BENGHAZI RADIO CHANNEL(FM98.9) when a roar mangment engineer called the program who said that he can mange all roads in benghazi & can made no more rash & least accidents by road mangement .........but....what no one listened to him even that he said that he'll do all that for free just for Benghazi ......but who cares about you sad Benghazi.......

see this report by WHO........

Mortality rate from road traffic accident injuries in Africa is the highest in the world, costing the Region $7.3 billion or 1% of its Gross Domestic Product annually, the World Health Organization says in a report released Monday in Johannesburg.

"The most affected groups of people are pedestrians, passengers and cyclists," states the report. It attributes the high rate of road accidents to factors such as inadequate road design; excessive alcohol consumption; speeding, under-utilization of seat belts and child restraints; unsafe vehicular design; poor maintenance of vehicles and roads; insufficient training of vehicle users, and a lack of implementation of road safety guides.
The report, which examines injury prevention and control in the Region, identifies conflicts and interpersonal violence as other leading causes of mortality and disability related to injuries.

The report says: "In the year 2000, in the African Region alone, an estimated 725,000 people died as a result of injuries, accounting for 7% of all deaths in Africa and 15% of worldwide injury-related deaths." About 116,000 of these deaths were due to due to interpersonal violence, 27,000 were due to suicide or "self-directed violence", and 167,000 due to collective violence, with almost half of these deaths occurring among young males in the economically active age range of 15 to 44 years.

"While much can be achieved by grassroots organizations, individuals and institutions, the success of public health efforts ultimately depends on political commitment. This is as vital at the national level where policy, legislative and overall funding decisions are made as it is at the provincial, district and municipal levels where responsibility of day-to-day administration of policies and programmes rests," the report concludes.

This report, prepared by the Brazzaville-based WHO Regional Office for Africa, is to be discussed by Health Ministers from 46 countries in the WHO African Region meeting for their 53rd Regional Committee session from 1 to 5 September in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

MY FRIENDS .............MY LIFE....

SALAM EVERY ONE ....IT'S ALONG TIME SINCE I BLOGGED THE LAST TIME ...really i was falling in exams & milloins of sheets........but since today the holiday started......but never think that it's playing time more playing it's 3rd year .....any way
.......i know it's lover's day 2day ......yeah i'm n love .....but the proplem is that i've more than more lover .......yeah i've as you think alll........i've wonderful friends whome i love very much....& as i think they do the same 4 me ........any way for me they mean alot ,,,,,,,,,even if i don't see them daily but their picture & voice is always in my mind

.......thanks alot Alllah for those wonderful friends who are really like my oxygen which i can't live the way even if they didn't read this article ...i'm so happy that i found alot to love in the lovers day....& of course every day ....i'm n love