Monday, July 21, 2008

no more blogging..leaving the country??!!!!

salam every one ..
it's not the end....i'l not stop blogging at all..& i'll be just in a holidya for a short time

really for me blogging was a wonderful experince in this short time ..but really did you all enjoyed what i'm blogging or not??!!...really i tried 2 express all of my thoughts as i can 2 reach my real now i'm reall worried

but..............i'll give you all the chance 2 express your opinions as i'm trying 2 go on a holiday ... i packed my suits & caught my passport 2 go to egypyt ..

so plz it's your job now 2 express my faults..wat u hate abut my blog...wat u hate abut my ideas ..and even me it's your chance
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i'll be back soooon..take care all blogers
with my love

Thursday, July 17, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 3"

salam 4 all
here's my last episoide in this subject..............
i can tell u the whole reasons in one ....libyan drs are not trustable bcuz they cut off their realtion with the books when they graduate...& start thinking of the truth that dr can't marry or bild a life with his little he starts working 24hr\7dys\365.25 day.... so they can get more money ....

& a they r working every day they loose their humanty & feeling of people & as they work they 4get all wat they have read gradually...& get nervous, senseless,start making mistakes bcuz of sterss..... so it's not their falut....with this tiny salalry less than 200$ hw they can start their they can see their friends who r working b4 them at other fields with thier children...& he's still the lonely dr....& also people around them r laughing at them saying "wat a bad drs n libya...they r so loosers...i went abroad the drs theis r s o nice not just like those"...& all these bad talks & jolks abut drs....

So wat we 've 2 do help them or leave them sinking in thier own lives... we should all try 2 help them ...give them a second chance of trust...plz as u visit ur dr...try 2 smile at his face thank him while leaving just make him feels that he support u...he's a human being & he needs support 2.....& as we support him we get the best 4 4 us trust ur dr

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 2"

salam as a completion 4 episoide 1 ........i think this cause can b the first 4 being untrustable drs..........yes CHEATING ..........

as we see in our daily life hw every one tries 2 cheat & find it as a short easy way 2 passing exams .......but not only passing ....but even good students"i mean the marks" now r sharing n this disaster ......they r also trying 2 get more marks 2 get 2 their best exams r not the standared point that medical colegges n libya must follow fact i find that the doctor is dealing & trust so hw u can trust those who cheat n exams .........can u trust them 4 ur sole of course not .........??? they cheat 4 marks they'll cheat 4 money .....etc
so i hope that they should put these point n their mind..........& they should consider on the college interview which i found that it's just 2 say that they did it doesn't mean any thing.........really i'm a shamed of that but 4 now i've studied 2 years n college but up 2 now non of my drs asked me even 4 once WHY U R GONNA 2 B A DOCTOR??


Saturday, July 05, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 1"

salam 4 all.really i'm so intereset in finding a solution 4 this proplem....which affects all i'll try in these episoids 2 know the cause & find the solution...........
really i find that one of the most important points THE TYPE OF LEARNING that we all follow,in fact, this starts 4m the first day they learn us hw 2 be criminals not we 'r still learning with natural cadavers"dead people" so 4m the first day u'll notice hw every one in the anatomy lab deals with those ..4m the dr to the workers & even the door keeper...all of them share ?? they pull...cut ...throw...& carry those cadvers 4getting that if those dead people are alive won't agree abut that....& they even ask u 2 do like them! ...& f u don't they'll think that u r afraid or u don't like most students follow that & add more...they cut muscles, veins and tendons so drs won't ask them abut n exams.....& not only that they steel some organs 2 study over them & then throw them in front of the lab!& play with bones write over tham their letters& steel them 2...!

so wat do u think those students will be ? famous successful drs??? or butchers....???
but in another way can u ask any one of them "CAN U BE A CADVER 4 THE LAB ONE DAY...DO U LIKE THAT??""OF COURSE not.........
but really were r the human rights organizations ?? isn't bad??& isn't it time 2 stop using natural cadavers.I know that there are now artificial ones.....why ???

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i passed

i passsssssed my exams ....congragulate me ......finally i'll be in the third medical .......& sooooon i'll be a doctor.....i got very good mark as a hall......any way i finished this year ......& i'll be in a long summer holiday 2 get ready 4 the third year....i'll be a DOCTOR..........