Monday, December 23, 2013

♡♡Libya's National day24-12-2013 ♡♡ ....

I know many pessimistic will say ...look are you still enjoying your national days, you are mad
In fact beside all the negativity around and all the illegal acts happening in Libya , I have to congratulate my country's achievement in 1951
But what made me that optimistic?
In fact since the first day in the revolution I still believe that it won't be easy anf won't happen in a short time,  a country who was lead by the dictatorship will need along time to start up it's new page...
In a country who never knew the meaning of democracy,dont blame them  , those who tried to talk before will shout now just to try the high pitched talks!
And who was a victim will try to revenge... this is the normal human reaction against what he never tried before. ...
But how can we pass it ??
In fact we can

Just as you leave your home in the morning. ..join your job in time , drive safe and respect the roles, work hard , and believe that it's all for Allah and your homeland♡♡...

→if you are a father or a teacher you are our main generator ... it's your role to create a wise generation, learn them to help and volunteer... Islam hopefully full of those great acts. .. learn them to pray and smile, learn them to share love, humanity, educate them well... this is how real peace is born

→ If you are a doctor,  help your patients,  educate them about their diseases and support their families,  not only medicines who relife pain, smooth words can kill it ...

Those are only examples and you can find your right path
I sweared
((وخوذي مني وثيقات العهود انني يا ليبيا لن اخذلك) )

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Finally my medical studies are coming to an end ...Next Wednesday I'll start with medicine ..Please remmber me in your prayers ... unfortunately I was one year later as of my colleagues but hopefully that year was one of my best years ... Libya was liberated ... and we are back peacefully .... and I went to the job that I dreamed about ♥♥
By mid septembre it will be done

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unfortunately. ... but what's the solution?

I was really shocked , when read about what happened in that black night, i cant find a better description for what had happened to three Muslim girls unfortunately with their dad choose benghazi as their final destination. ....
To be honest it wasn't a great shock , as we heard what happened in Tripoli just few weeks ago. ... simply it's the second episode of the the same Series. .which is called LIbyan breeding. ...let's talk frankly ...haven't you seen them standing in front of the girl's schools. the streets in Ramadan nights as they weren't fasting ... in the street corners telling their phone numbers as trial of finding a mad girl who may call him back. .. while we are driving either closing your way or trying to harass you or your daughter winking all the way ... in the University standing in the corridors. .. in the hospital and you know more places than me ....

They are the same guys we see everyday. . Smoking in the prepartory school ... trying some braving pills in the secondary schools... and leaving the schools finally ... finding no job staying all day free ...trying every bad thing ... ending the story of finding many mates sharing their everyday bad life ... with everything possible... who cares ?

But lets ask ourselves a small question. .. where were their families from the beginning? 
Let's take an a Example of such a family. ..  father left school for any reason or even completed it ... a mother was chosen just beautiful..doesn't go out frequently and its better that if she didn't went to school or like to work. young as possible.. no mater who are her family. .. started their bad life in an apartment over his dad's house. .as he's unemployed he's trying everyday job ... or running 24hours out side... the mad mother got as many children as possible pretending that every child has own razga.. but the fact this is the only way she's trying to prevent her husband from getting married. .
So neither their fathet nor their mother had time to breed them ..or follow their performance. . The mother found her door to escape everyday to lama ...and when she's at At home their must be a Tv series to follow either Romantic or drama as her life...
And the children simply are whome we described in the beginning. . They didn't went to be bad from the beginning. ..but this is the only way
Let's talk frankly. .. what happened could had happened to any Libyan family ... but the family will choose to keep silence as of the great stigma that will follow this family for ever....
But. ... it happened unfortunately ... and we have to end it.... Belive me if we wanna to eradicate all of that ... let's go back to the real right family breeding and the real islam . ..  
Rusty roots never bring flower

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear world , unfortunately It's My Benghazi

as everyone knows ,Benghazi is now free from any international staff , as everyone doesnt know Bengo well thought that it'll be their final destination , Because of what had happened recently from the American Embassy , to the UN cars and finally the last Italian embassy , all the companies are trying to stay away from this city , but those who really know The real Bengo , sure wont do ,
Just a hint Benghazi is very safe <3 p="">

I wont tell you the cause but this is the secret behind this city , simply if you were here just 2 days back and just know , you'll know what i'm talking about , Magic? nope , it's the Revolution days , simply everyone without any alarm remembered how we  acted those days 2 years back and trying to make their best to make the city safe and happy, I was really a bit worried about my city , not from anything but from those who tries to make the black picture about Benghazi , but with today I'm not just happy , i'm hyper , and again not worried about the great heroes (Benghazi Citizens ) 
Simply  I wont say more , but thanks for those who made this dream possible , who aren't with  us today , but in a better place Raby yarhamhm - and our great freedom fighters whome we see those days back giving us the great feeling of revolution , and  I wish to see my Libya better and better , We did a great steps in this 2 years but still we 'll do more , 
May Allah save Our Libya