Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear world , unfortunately It's My Benghazi

as everyone knows ,Benghazi is now free from any international staff , as everyone doesnt know Bengo well thought that it'll be their final destination , Because of what had happened recently from the American Embassy , to the UN cars and finally the last Italian embassy , all the companies are trying to stay away from this city , but those who really know The real Bengo , sure wont do ,
Just a hint Benghazi is very safe <3 p="">

I wont tell you the cause but this is the secret behind this city , simply if you were here just 2 days back and just know , you'll know what i'm talking about , Magic? nope , it's the Revolution days , simply everyone without any alarm remembered how we  acted those days 2 years back and trying to make their best to make the city safe and happy, I was really a bit worried about my city , not from anything but from those who tries to make the black picture about Benghazi , but with today I'm not just happy , i'm hyper , and again not worried about the great heroes (Benghazi Citizens ) 
Simply  I wont say more , but thanks for those who made this dream possible , who aren't with  us today , but in a better place Raby yarhamhm - and our great freedom fighters whome we see those days back giving us the great feeling of revolution , and  I wish to see my Libya better and better , We did a great steps in this 2 years but still we 'll do more , 
May Allah save Our Libya