Saturday, November 10, 2012

what I'm looking for from my New Libya

I'm really optimistic as usual for my new Libya , really happy to see the first ever elected Libyan ministers are in their way to start up their work ............ this is my wishes , i know it want be there all but , if we get even some that'll be great  .....
1. Education ....
Nothing will move the great obstacles in our way like education , i don't mean any other kind of education other than nursery and primary schools , me as as an ex student i used to believe in my teacher , but for sure not all of them just those who inspired me to be me Ruwida that i'm today Al7mdoleah , teachers who can bring up science , Islam , Maths , History and present to be be our milestones , hopefully we got great live lessons that even our kids participated in in our revolution , i'm not an education expert but i know that 's really possible ,
For example , many people are arguing about the security in Libya , and about the freedom fighters and their role ,  i still remember some years back I was watching a documentary in a Lebanese  TV channel about how children in Lebanon post conflict gave the great support and started to support the national military with standing and giving them respect each time they meet , and the results were amazing as everyone felt more responsible about their act , and gave them great support about their role in their war , and how it was really appreciated .

Dear Minster
*. Those who just graduated from university cant be teachers , teaching needs a methodology , and to know more about psychology and more about communication skills and the problems children may face in their classes- what we saw in the last months was convincing people to find up jobs in the education sector , but not finding Educators for our children

I really loved the real meaning of the word Education in Latin which is , breeding ........i think our teachers really doesn't know about that , of that this word which means raising .To tell the truth our children aren't in the right path at all , i see teenagers not just smoking , but even abusing drugs and at least TRAMADOL , many others have very bad habits that they learnt in their schools , and with for sure with their families closed eyes .In my point of view teachers need more care , as we need better and better education for our children and for our Libya for sure , let's start it from the beginning from the teachers the teaching method , it's their time to raise up our Libya ,

*. From another side , a student's point of view , so i went to schools i finished my education , and so .... what will happen if i got the best marks , isn't there a difference between me who got AA and the other idiot in my class .I go to school i pass exams but i can find a great gap between what i learn and the real life ................yup the Curriculum needs more development that can participate and use in our everyday life . and more ..... 

school timing , food , teaching assistant methods and more thing that we still need......

But remember we can get everything with their education !

Monday, October 01, 2012

Dear Breast cancer ...Game over ! It's Benghazi

                                          By @AbdullahDomaPhotoghraphy

Benghazi , had a great day today for the first time , we were a part of the world 's campaign fighting breast cancer , the wonderful part was to see both men and women being a part of the Pink Ribbon , all standing saying one word We'll Eradicate it ....! cancer is touching our souls as everyone we lost much and that was more than enough .....

Samar F.Shembesh (final year medical student)  & Faraj El-Hassi (second year medical student) , a part of I7san team , organized this event in front of Tibesty hotel in Benghazi ,in association with other civil societies and for sure the Libyan scout movement was there too .

To tell the truth , it was a perfect moment , and luckily i got to be a part of this ribbon , As of their plan they'll start up education programs for the whole October to be done around Benghazi in schools , hospitals , mosques and even IDPs camps ...............
Very proud of the great team , and this is the real Libya that i'm looking for ......

Friday, September 07, 2012

The last days for Breast cancer !

Dear world Benghazi is coming back to the way , Libyan youth team called I7san are trying their best to start awareness raising about Breast cancer ,

Libya as everywhere on Earth suffering form Breast cancer attacks , we are losing great mams , aunts and beloving because of it , this great team has just start their strong early steps , to spread the message to all the city citzens in public places schools , colleges just to make everyone safer from this easily preventable cancer ............ in fact this is what we i were looking for from the great Libyan youth

Best Luck Guys you are really on the right track .............

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Libya ...... where were those days

yup this is Libya , Libya that I dreamed of is coming , even not perfect but trying her best to stand up and build up , it's less than 1 year since the total freedom declaration , but we are going in the right bath hopefully..
 Many will say you are so optimistic but i never believed that it'll happen , it happened and we had the first democratic authority transfer for the first time ever ...........
Unfortunately I cant get good words , because so those great events are more than I can believe , and it's coming to the way ... !  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Olympics ....Libya is back !

Libya's first Olympic competitor was 400m hurdler Mohamed Souai ASSWAI KHALIFA. He formed a one-man team at the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games.
Libya also participated in1980 , 1996, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.But unfortunately Libya has never got any medals . 
My Libya is now sharing with a very small team of 5 athletes : 
Ali Mabrouk Elzaidi                    13/01/1978 - Tripoli (LBA)       Men's Marathon
Ahmed Elkawiesh                          24/03/1989 - Tripoli (LBA)   Judo Men's 66 
Ali Elkekli                         04/09/1989 - Tripoli (LBA)     Weight lifting Men's 85 
Hala Gezah                                          17/09/1989 - Tripoli (LBA)    women's 100m
El-Gdi Sofyan                        01/01/1992 - Tripoli (LBA)    Men's 100m Butterfly 

Best luck .......and i wish to get Bronze at least .... 

Monday, July 16, 2012

how can mothers change your life .....

Really i read lot about mams , and their great giving and loving , as i feel from my mam and my grand , and every mam around me , but always I feel that there's a limit , inspire if the fact that they all deny that there are limits - maybe i'm not a mam that's why i don't feel it , but today i had really a hard lesson , of great love and hope to  a baby that hadn't came to life yet , to say the truth to a baby dream <3

This mam has just got married , got pregnant for the first and the second times , but she lost both pregnancies , and discovered that she had cancer , and the fact the only hope to cure is either with chemotherapy , or losing her uterus ,
I saw her confident for her answers with a smile over her face and great hope , that yes she'll start chemo just to got a chance to have her dream true ,  I could imagine her as mam as she was listening to the doctor telling her the side effects of chemo , still with the same smile and the dream vision , confidently told him yup i can , we can start by tomorrow ....

How mothers are great .... and I wish to see her dream to be true 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

World Report , Ruwida

Dear all ,
 i got the chance to talk about Libyan Elections day , that was really a pleasure for me , thanks to CNN team for this nice chance ....
and thanks to My Libya that makes me proud day by day 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Libya's day 07/07/2012

It's the day ...... with much obstacles , some pain , stress but with all that Thanks to those who made our Dream true , everyone is electing looking for a brighter future ....
Love you my Libya 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Benghazi Electing

I couldn't sleep the whole night waiting for 8 o'clock for 19-May-2012 , i just hurried up and walked towards our election center wishing to be the first , and i was really happier when i saw the Benghazi people whome i love , i don't know them by name but we shared tears and pain , and the joy of wining of last year , i saw them today with the same smile of 23-10-2012  , I went there and i was welcomed with great smiles from women police officers taking care of our security , choosing the best people for Benghazi and passing our fingers to the ink pot for the first time ever ..........
thanks for everyone who made it true , thanks our martyrs , thanks our brave men and women , dear Mam of martyrs thank you your son gave us what we couldn't do .....
I cant express what i feel but it's like Eid ......... i didn't sleep the whole night just waiting to do , i did it .... but now i wanna do it again .... 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Me .... Libya is electing ???

is it true ..... ElEcTions .... i don't know how to write it in capital or small or should i mix , as this word never passed in the Libyan Curricula for English , so i cant assume how is it even written , finally we are all living this great transition , living the moments that we thought it will be a dream ..... but hopefully came true ... thanks to all who made it possible , all Libyan Heroes , Libyan Women , And everyone who shared with us the freedom dream that it's true now , i love to see in the streets people standing in long rows waiting just to understand how they'll do it , so when is the great day ..............
We are counting the seconds for Benghazi local council for the first time too by next Saturday , and for the National conference members by mid June ..............

Nothing impossible ............... It's Libya dear World 

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Libyan Women 2011

It's not a poll or any thing , i might forgot or i didnt did the best , but those are the 7 Libyan women that everyone must knew about : 

1. The mothers of our great Martyrs who showed great support to the Libyan Revolution , support to everyone to continue the success way , specialy Emad Zakray Mam , an old Libyan Lady from Nafusa mountain area , she was well know for everyone for her words for her son who is Martyr and hi Friends and all Libyans .


2. Malak AlShami , a very young Libyan girl from Misurata , was well known after their house was shelled she lost her brothers , and her leg , she was known for her strong words .... she was crying describing her pain and insisting that she's a child and how can she overcome all that pain .... Malak started her steps with her artificial leg .

3. Shahrazad Kablan , a Libyan activist gave a great finger print about the role of the Libyan woman in Media , Libyans listened to her program and shared their unity stories , in her program Libya Alnas , no one can forget her courage to all Libyans .

4. Eman Alobidy , who broke up the silence wall and showed the great violence against the Libyan women , Alobidy was in Triploi and in fornt of the Media told the whole story .
Alobidy doesn't represent her self , but represented the whole issue of violence against the Libyan war during the Libyan Revolution .


5.Hamala Alshaikhey , an old Libyan lady lost her two sons in Abu salim massacre 1996 , died before the Libyan revolution but was well known for her poem words while crying for her sons , her words was used by Aljazeera channel too .

5. Hana Elhebshi, A young libyan Lady from Tripoli was known as Nomidia, who advised NATO strikes and leaked to the press the number of people killed and detained by Moammar Gadhafi's regime.


6. Amina Megheirbi , the President of the Board of Attawasul Association for Youth, Women, & Children of Free Libya, which is considered one of the most active Libyan NGOs after Feb 17th Revolution in 2011, aiming at the empowerment of youth and women through developing their abilities and leadership skills, leading advocacy campaigns and encouraging open dialogue for the whole community - I knew her my self and i still remember the great image she gave to Libyans and specially the Libyan women during the cluster meetings in Benghazi 2011 .


7. Mariam Almosrati , is a lady that stood in front of the internal police on 16 of February 2011 in Benghazi and prevented them from taking the demonstrators from the streets, in spite of she doesn't know any of the demonstrator she helped , but everyone still remembers her brave heart .


Sunday, March 04, 2012

From Doctor to Dictator ???!

Many thinks that im mad while writing that , but yup , how can the doctor move on to be a real dictator .....
simply if you are a doctor thinking of Dictatorship just follow those simple steps :

  1. yup you studied medicine , you are getting nice scores , oooooooh are there people who fail in exams .... i don't think that they exist .
  2. coming everyday to university carrying your big books , people praying for you , and you think that ..... you know what;s your look ....!
  3. you reached the fourth year , coming to the hospital with the a white coat , thinking no doctor like you 
  4. Find an inspiring dictator doctor , who forces and abuses patient for the sake of teaching or abusing them to visit their private clinic . 
  5. Finally you graduate , looking as no one like you , the ignorant nurse , the mad technician , the crazy security man , the ........... 
  6. you just realize that you are nothing so you must find a way ..... simply find a private clinic ...... and start your abuse ......... yup you are collecting patients with your great knowledge from the general hospital to your private Clinton . 
  7. as your last book read was ..... i cant remember how many years ago .... so can you count how many mistakes you did.... 

So if you wanna get a great Libyan dictatorship doctor attitude .........just follow us to bring Medicine to hell ... 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who's the Libyan Lady of the year ???

Dear March is coming , and as we all know March is nothing without women....

As of the great time we passed by , Libya passed through great difficulties , pain that in the end came with the great success , and as of that the Libyan woman was around and behind everyone ...
She was around from the first days , demonstrating , feeding the heroes , doctor and nurse releasing the pain in hospitals , lawyer , fighters and journalists , and everyone found a new job , students went to be fighters in every field , and those who know other foreign languages went to be translators  , other ladies went to the politcal side and represented Libya as it should be , they reflected the shining side for the Libyan women with their education , fluency went to give Libya the clear picture in-front of every agent coming to collect information about Libya that should be either tribal , or other ignorant country .
But i can forget all those and say one thing about the real house wives , who did the logistical support in all this war , i remember them cleaning the streets , cooking sandwiches and nice dishes , nursing at homes , opening obstetrics clinics at homes to release the load from hospitals .
But the real hero women in Libya where the martyrs mams who showed great pictures of Patience   ..... so who 's the Libyan Lady of the year .... !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

it's a year 17-2-2012

as i wanna feel the joy i don wanna describe what has happened last year at these days ..... with all that pain and struggle ... we reached our goal and we won Libya Is Free .... i have a great pain inside remembering that days but the joy of win is greater viva Libya Viva Libyans ,,,,, 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Libyan Woman ...Yesterday and today .....!

As i was trying to write some comments about the draft of the Libyan laws , and what's best for the Libyan women the quota or not ...........

i loved this photo in which the Libyan Women are celebrating the Libyan woman right to vote day ..... which has happened 1963 ........ that brings me to my first conclusion as the Libyan woman could get all their rights in the most difficult time while poverty , ignorance and discrimination .... i'm not afraid about them even with out quota they can pass it  .......

but where's the Libyan woman today we need one to fill in the place of Ms .Khadiga Aljahmi

or fill the place of Alnahda alnessaea organization which gave the Libyan woman the right to vote .........

i trust the Libyan woman but we need Khadiga Aljahmi , or Hamida Alnizi to fill the women gap