Monday, July 16, 2012

how can mothers change your life .....

Really i read lot about mams , and their great giving and loving , as i feel from my mam and my grand , and every mam around me , but always I feel that there's a limit , inspire if the fact that they all deny that there are limits - maybe i'm not a mam that's why i don't feel it , but today i had really a hard lesson , of great love and hope to  a baby that hadn't came to life yet , to say the truth to a baby dream <3

This mam has just got married , got pregnant for the first and the second times , but she lost both pregnancies , and discovered that she had cancer , and the fact the only hope to cure is either with chemotherapy , or losing her uterus ,
I saw her confident for her answers with a smile over her face and great hope , that yes she'll start chemo just to got a chance to have her dream true ,  I could imagine her as mam as she was listening to the doctor telling her the side effects of chemo , still with the same smile and the dream vision , confidently told him yup i can , we can start by tomorrow ....

How mothers are great .... and I wish to see her dream to be true 

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