Saturday, December 27, 2014

Benghazi under fire ....

         for those who still think that Benghazi still exists, yes it's suffering everyday supported only by Allah and the Libyan Army who are doing their best to support us , but we will not allow Benghazi to be a terror home , we are losing men everyday , we are displaced and we don't know that our homes still exists but with peace and real men forces we can stand up again ....
 for the international community dear all thanks for your silence , we are suffering everyday and with each other support we can , it's the oil fields turn now we will see much talks and support but it's too late

I attached a small preview of our current situation

Terrorist in Allithi with fired civialns homes

Libyan army coup killed and burned in Allithi Massacre 
army supporting families homes destroyed by terrorists in Allithi 

Terror forces taking the was to the oil fields 
burned oil tanks in Alsedra 

Cutted head for a libyan army coup found 

destroyed homes in Alsabry 

Benghazi citycenter and port fired

Libyan couphead found cut in Allithi Massacres