Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who's the Libyan Lady of the year ???

Dear March is coming , and as we all know March is nothing without women....

As of the great time we passed by , Libya passed through great difficulties , pain that in the end came with the great success , and as of that the Libyan woman was around and behind everyone ...
She was around from the first days , demonstrating , feeding the heroes , doctor and nurse releasing the pain in hospitals , lawyer , fighters and journalists , and everyone found a new job , students went to be fighters in every field , and those who know other foreign languages went to be translators  , other ladies went to the politcal side and represented Libya as it should be , they reflected the shining side for the Libyan women with their education , fluency went to give Libya the clear picture in-front of every agent coming to collect information about Libya that should be either tribal , or other ignorant country .
But i can forget all those and say one thing about the real house wives , who did the logistical support in all this war , i remember them cleaning the streets , cooking sandwiches and nice dishes , nursing at homes , opening obstetrics clinics at homes to release the load from hospitals .
But the real hero women in Libya where the martyrs mams who showed great pictures of Patience   ..... so who 's the Libyan Lady of the year .... !

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