Saturday, November 10, 2012

what I'm looking for from my New Libya

I'm really optimistic as usual for my new Libya , really happy to see the first ever elected Libyan ministers are in their way to start up their work ............ this is my wishes , i know it want be there all but , if we get even some that'll be great  .....
1. Education ....
Nothing will move the great obstacles in our way like education , i don't mean any other kind of education other than nursery and primary schools , me as as an ex student i used to believe in my teacher , but for sure not all of them just those who inspired me to be me Ruwida that i'm today Al7mdoleah , teachers who can bring up science , Islam , Maths , History and present to be be our milestones , hopefully we got great live lessons that even our kids participated in in our revolution , i'm not an education expert but i know that 's really possible ,
For example , many people are arguing about the security in Libya , and about the freedom fighters and their role ,  i still remember some years back I was watching a documentary in a Lebanese  TV channel about how children in Lebanon post conflict gave the great support and started to support the national military with standing and giving them respect each time they meet , and the results were amazing as everyone felt more responsible about their act , and gave them great support about their role in their war , and how it was really appreciated .

Dear Minster
*. Those who just graduated from university cant be teachers , teaching needs a methodology , and to know more about psychology and more about communication skills and the problems children may face in their classes- what we saw in the last months was convincing people to find up jobs in the education sector , but not finding Educators for our children

I really loved the real meaning of the word Education in Latin which is , breeding ........i think our teachers really doesn't know about that , of that this word which means raising .To tell the truth our children aren't in the right path at all , i see teenagers not just smoking , but even abusing drugs and at least TRAMADOL , many others have very bad habits that they learnt in their schools , and with for sure with their families closed eyes .In my point of view teachers need more care , as we need better and better education for our children and for our Libya for sure , let's start it from the beginning from the teachers the teaching method , it's their time to raise up our Libya ,

*. From another side , a student's point of view , so i went to schools i finished my education , and so .... what will happen if i got the best marks , isn't there a difference between me who got AA and the other idiot in my class .I go to school i pass exams but i can find a great gap between what i learn and the real life ................yup the Curriculum needs more development that can participate and use in our everyday life . and more ..... 

school timing , food , teaching assistant methods and more thing that we still need......

But remember we can get everything with their education !


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