Monday, December 23, 2013

♡♡Libya's National day24-12-2013 ♡♡ ....

I know many pessimistic will say ...look are you still enjoying your national days, you are mad
In fact beside all the negativity around and all the illegal acts happening in Libya , I have to congratulate my country's achievement in 1951
But what made me that optimistic?
In fact since the first day in the revolution I still believe that it won't be easy anf won't happen in a short time,  a country who was lead by the dictatorship will need along time to start up it's new page...
In a country who never knew the meaning of democracy,dont blame them  , those who tried to talk before will shout now just to try the high pitched talks!
And who was a victim will try to revenge... this is the normal human reaction against what he never tried before. ...
But how can we pass it ??
In fact we can

Just as you leave your home in the morning. ..join your job in time , drive safe and respect the roles, work hard , and believe that it's all for Allah and your homeland♡♡...

→if you are a father or a teacher you are our main generator ... it's your role to create a wise generation, learn them to help and volunteer... Islam hopefully full of those great acts. .. learn them to pray and smile, learn them to share love, humanity, educate them well... this is how real peace is born

→ If you are a doctor,  help your patients,  educate them about their diseases and support their families,  not only medicines who relife pain, smooth words can kill it ...

Those are only examples and you can find your right path
I sweared
((وخوذي مني وثيقات العهود انني يا ليبيا لن اخذلك) )

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