Thursday, July 17, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 3"

salam 4 all
here's my last episoide in this subject..............
i can tell u the whole reasons in one ....libyan drs are not trustable bcuz they cut off their realtion with the books when they graduate...& start thinking of the truth that dr can't marry or bild a life with his little he starts working 24hr\7dys\365.25 day.... so they can get more money ....

& a they r working every day they loose their humanty & feeling of people & as they work they 4get all wat they have read gradually...& get nervous, senseless,start making mistakes bcuz of sterss..... so it's not their falut....with this tiny salalry less than 200$ hw they can start their they can see their friends who r working b4 them at other fields with thier children...& he's still the lonely dr....& also people around them r laughing at them saying "wat a bad drs n libya...they r so loosers...i went abroad the drs theis r s o nice not just like those"...& all these bad talks & jolks abut drs....

So wat we 've 2 do help them or leave them sinking in thier own lives... we should all try 2 help them ...give them a second chance of trust...plz as u visit ur dr...try 2 smile at his face thank him while leaving just make him feels that he support u...he's a human being & he needs support 2.....& as we support him we get the best 4 4 us trust ur dr


abdullah SH said...

I know many dr as u say weda before graduation good ppl bt after gradute !! Changing completely ... Now somthing change cuz dr as GP TAKE around 500$ monthly ... Salam

abdullah SH said...

I know many dr as u say weda before graduation good ppl bt after gradute !! Changing completely ... Now somthing change cuz dr as GP TAKE around 500$ monthly ... Salam

a_akak said...

I agree that the financial aspect is very important and I agree that the salaries are way off but Medicine is a humane profession before anything else, however, money is very important and I believe that doctors and teachers should be top paid professions as any society must have those two

I agree about money and i agree about cheating but even us "normal" people are not easy to deal with (according to my Dr friends)

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Weda, even here in the UK, doctors are over worked and sometimes under paid, this can lead to unapprpriate behaviour.

I agree with Akak that doctors, teachers and most of all, Nurses should be well paid for they are doing a fantastic honourable job.

highlighting problems like this in Libya and else where can only be a good step, thank you

WEDA said...

salam 4 u all..& thanx 4 commenting

* bengo until now not all drs having high salaries yet..just in some hospitals
*akak...drs r normal human beings so they need money 2 beside their they lose money the start 2 lose humanty 2...
*anglo:as u said u & akak drs & teachers must be paid well at least not best

CrowdedMind said...

Dear weda
I don't agree with you about some thing
I believe that the Dr should work alot to gain experince from his Over time
you didn't see the hospital yet and Sure asma told about
Dr.Ahmad swalem,Dr.Saied ,Dr.Heba Dr.Sabah they work alot and gain nothing but experince
I respect them ..And any one can make mistakes in this life

Why not go directly to the heart of the problem This may be the question you have been asking yourself
I believe that our problem is the material...and we have to educate our people because they are not understanding whats going on ? Immediatly they put the blame in the Dr

I know that we've done alot of mistakes but at the same time Libyan should understand that there was a huge gap in this country but now and thanks Allah for every thing

you have to check on this

Keep posting weda Im proud of you

fe aman Allah

حنان شلبي said...

حبيبتي ويدا

سدقيني إنو هالتخصيص الي انتي عم تحكيه مو للدكاترة وبس و ابدا والله كل الناس صايرة هيك
والسبب مو اختلاف التخصصات ابدااااااااا
السبب هو الحياه الصعبة يلي عم بنواجها كلنا سواء كنتي دكتورة ولا مبرمجة ولا مهندسة ولا ممرضة ولا مدرسة
حتى الاعمال الحرفية صارت هيك بطلالميكانيكي متل قبل ولا السباك ولا الزبال

الحياه صارت صعبة كتير على خلق الله وما حد عد بيرحم حد وكل واحد بيفكر بمصلحتو وكيف بدو يعيش ويعيش اسرتو

شوفي كل يلي حواليكي حتعرفي انو هالدوامة عايشة مع الكل والكل بيحاول وبيحاول لحتى يقدر يصمد ويتعايش مع الوضع الجديد

وتحياتي الك

WEDA said...

hi daer friends...
* maya....i know baby thta they are working & doing theei best but there r alot of histating dr in hospital as u see... & drs musn't be hestating at all& not the material is the drs only goal...u know that no one will give a dr any thing free bcuz of medicin so he needs more support as he can get money so he can do his job well

* حنان شلبي.. شكرا حبيبتي على تعليقك واهتمامك بجد نفسي اتعرف عليك اكثر اصحابي بعد شافو تعليقاتك قالولي خاطرنا نعرفوها من هي هذي
والحياة اصبحت صعبة صح بس من حقنا اننا نعيش و من حق كل مريض انه يلقى طبيب يساعده... زكل طبيب يبي حتى هو حد يساعده ... واكيد المعاون هو الله

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to health care in Libya.

A few plain facts:
-Doctors ALL OVER THE WORLD, will not spend 5 to 7 years of hell to work for a dumb salary.
Any one who tells you otherwise is a liar or a 1 in a billion angel.

-Good health care = Spend Money.
-Good staff/doctors = Excellent pay, even better if it's the best pay.
All over the world, where good health care exists, doctors are paid the best. Not because they are super humans etc. It's fact if you want to retain good staff, pay them well and they will stick around. If they get bad pay they will leave for some where else.
The Libyan mentality has difficulty understanding this. Some even think that doctors should not be paid at all, and should be content with the fact that they are doctors, and their humane profession is enough to live by.

This does not mean it should be just doctors, all people who WORK for a living, should get good pay. But doctors should get the best pay. If you don't agree, God forbid imagine if you get very sick, wouldn't you want the best of the best to treat you in your time of need? Or would you rather go into a discussion of morality of the profession and pay while your life is slipping away?!!!

Weda, thanks for your blog, but please can you change your blog template, its difficult to read the text and its too noisy. Also the Music play list, can you not make it as AUTOPLAY. It would be better if the readers can activate it, as the autoplay feature can cause the browser to get stuck.
Sorry for the above, but I think you bring up good subjects and it would be nice if its easier to read your blog.