Monday, July 21, 2008

no more blogging..leaving the country??!!!!

salam every one ..
it's not the end....i'l not stop blogging at all..& i'll be just in a holidya for a short time

really for me blogging was a wonderful experince in this short time ..but really did you all enjoyed what i'm blogging or not??!!...really i tried 2 express all of my thoughts as i can 2 reach my real now i'm reall worried

but..............i'll give you all the chance 2 express your opinions as i'm trying 2 go on a holiday ... i packed my suits & caught my passport 2 go to egypyt ..

so plz it's your job now 2 express my faults..wat u hate abut my blog...wat u hate abut my ideas ..and even me it's your chance
& if u find that u loved this blog you can support my blog in the " DW WEBBLOG AWARD.." YOU CAN SUGGEST MY BLOG 2 ANY OG THE AWARDS OR YOU CAN RATE IT .. follow this link

i'll be back soooon..take care all blogers
with my love


jilal said...

Bonne vacances weda.

titi said...

i love ur blog
have a nice holiday
i hope u meet brocas area there

LoveLyH said...

موفقه ياربي
لا تبخلي علينا بجديدك وتميزك :)
كوني معنا مع بنضات قلوبنا

Anglo-Libyan said...

I wish you and your family a good holiday inshaAllah.

I do enjoy reading your blog and your brave posts but I have to agree with anonymous on your last post, I too find your template difficult to read because it is transparent, you see I am a bit old and my eye sight is not the same any longer :o)
I hope that doesnt upset you

carry on with the good work.

CrowdedMind said...

May Allah bless you all girl
Have fun there and don't upset your sister she needs break too

about your blog I like it so much specially the last posts it grows and mature day after day

and I'll add my vote to Anglo the template is blurring my vision and asma knows my story with blurred of vision

fe aman Allah

abdullah SH said...

wish u enjoy there weda bt dnt disturb ur sis she looks exhausted more than u .....
save trip & save comback ......

tc there ....

salam ....

حنان شلبي said...

تروحي وترجعي بالسلامة يارب
وهينا هون بنستناكي ترجعي وتكتبي كماااااااااااان يا ويدا

Motherland said...

Oh your blog, may be I can say "not bad", I think it is good mark, so if you needed change I hope from you to wrote on other subjects except medical problems. My God we will become doctors without certificate, you and other blogers wrote so much about medical university, I recommend to all visit Dr psychologic. have nice flight to egypt.

Best regardS

dusk till dawn said...

i wish u a great happy holiday , full of fun and relaxing to, u doing fine, we all learn every day new thing , i a gree with anglo .it needs to be brighting up .take care,

WEDA said...

salam thanx alot for visiting my blog.....
* mr jilal.....thanx alot for ur hopes
*titi..hay mad i'm back but without seeing BROCA'S OR EVEN WERNICKE'
*LOVELY H:thanx alot
*mr ANGLO LIBYAN: i rtied a new skin now i hope u like it as all.. thanx alot for caring me ...ur welcome 2 comment at any time if u don't like any thing .it's ur blog

*croded mind: ur friend is back......every thing is ok now i hope abut ur vision did u like this skin
*ABDULLAH:i'm back & my sis is ok thanx 4 ur care

*hanan shalaby..thanx dear i'm back blogging again

*MOTHER LAND:thanx 4 ur comment i'll try 2 find another way 2 write in other sublects.but i care more abut medicine in me home that's my point really

*DUSK TILL DOWN;thanx mr groom for ur comment .now i hope u like my new skin if not plz tell me

Maya M said...

From our discussion on my blog, I guess you already know what I can dislike on your blog :-). The text is "ciphered", 2 means "to" more often than "two" - even in your "About me"! I once argued with some dyslexic people that an author should present his text in a proper form, and if somebody has dyslexia, this is why we have spell-checking programs. They were quite angry at me.

Anonymous said...

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