Friday, August 01, 2008

i'm back at home ................but

salam every one really i missed u all bloggers...........i really enjoyed my holiday as usual......but really happy that i'm back at home again u can't belive how i was crazy while we were in our way 2 home......i was so happy holding my cam trying 2 see our lovely libyan green flag over the libyan land & take the best shot for my flag...but.........????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the shock was that we don't have any libyan green flag in EMSAAED "libyan boreders with egypt.........really i wa slike a mad getting out of the car window.trying 2 pick the shot but i couldn't find the flag or even an welcome word written........any way i can't lie the libyan soldiers were so nice with us , i was so happy too of the anti birds flu ways as they are trying to save us ........oh libya...........that was the first......but things are we get in we find that no more two sided way for cars alot of rubbish beside the main road....any way even though i started singing at car with my bad voice "BLADNA ZAEN ALA ZAEN BLADNA WARD WA YASMEEN".........SO I'M BACK HOME & I'LL DO MY BEST TO BUT LIBYAN FLAG IN EMSSAED SOOOOON so no more shoks


abdullah SH said...

1stly weda "7amdela 3la salamtek" enty o kol family ...
wish u enjoy there ....
nice 2 focus on things like tht "our flags" ..
i duno know why evrytime we comback 2 libya 1st thing feel it whn see borders of libya "tingling" in my body ...

love u libya ,,,,,,

salam ...

Motherland said...

Welcome to motherland.
Green flag there in our hearts, it is patriot feel against home. "BLADNA ZAEN ALA ZAEN BLADNA WARD WA YASMEEN".... I can hear you, you have good voice,but please last one to sing ok.

Best regardS

حنان شلبي said...


nice to see u again with us 7mdellah 3slamtek

wish to hear ur voice while u r singing(may i ll share u with mine ^_^)

dear if u can do any thing to put ur country flag or to help our country to be more clean and more organaized sooooooo GO A HEAD PLZ

we cant wait 4 others to make us better

wish u all the best in that


CrowdedMind said...

hahah Oki when I'll get my Tayota I will take you there to put our flag Just ادعيلي
welcome back
fe aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Hey weda welcome back..
I agree è you, u r a real libyan girl & i knw how much u love libya, i love it 2 &really wish 4 libya 2 go on & on 2 the best.
Libya is a kind place we proud of it and we proud of our flag, so why dont we put it everywhere??!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

welcome back weda and glad you all had a good holiday.
I like this template, I can see now :o)

سفير السلام said...

السلام عليكم
سأكتب بالعربيه وأقول
بلادي وإن جارت عليا عزيزه
وقومي وإن ضنوا بي كرام
أو هكذا لست أحفظ البيت نصا
أهلا بك في ليبيا
ورغم كل مايحدث تبقى ليبيا بلادنا
ولا زلنا نأمل في غد أفضل

a_akak said...

Al-hamid allah alaa al-salama

Its good to have u back and i hope u enjoyed ur holidays with ur family

The worst feeling i have is when i am going to the airport and leaving

Fe Aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

well come back . hope u had great times, and fresh to go on, ur rite it should be our flag there flying high , why its not there i do not no, so pray wt Maya to get her new car , and u both can raise the flag ,just do not pay for the petrol ha ha

WEDA said...

thanx alot 4 sharing me ur thoughts
abdulllah , motherland,hanan

maya:enshala u buy one & i'll go with u
thanx anglo 4 ur care
thanx safeer alsalam..dtd..akak 4 ur comments
....maya evry one knows so when we'll go......u r traped now

ASMA said...

yes really its somthing u think its small but in fact its abig thing ...flag ...