Wednesday, July 09, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 2"

salam as a completion 4 episoide 1 ........i think this cause can b the first 4 being untrustable drs..........yes CHEATING ..........

as we see in our daily life hw every one tries 2 cheat & find it as a short easy way 2 passing exams .......but not only passing ....but even good students"i mean the marks" now r sharing n this disaster ......they r also trying 2 get more marks 2 get 2 their best exams r not the standared point that medical colegges n libya must follow fact i find that the doctor is dealing & trust so hw u can trust those who cheat n exams .........can u trust them 4 ur sole of course not .........??? they cheat 4 marks they'll cheat 4 money .....etc
so i hope that they should put these point n their mind..........& they should consider on the college interview which i found that it's just 2 say that they did it doesn't mean any thing.........really i'm a shamed of that but 4 now i've studied 2 years n college but up 2 now non of my drs asked me even 4 once WHY U R GONNA 2 B A DOCTOR??



Anglo-Libyan said...

you have made many good points in your posts, would people listen and take action?
that remains to be seen.

All the best.

a_akak said...

I am enjoying ur posts very much and I agree 100% with ur ideology and what is even worse, I "know" of DR's (big name consultants) in Tripoli helping their kids to cheat and standing out side the School/Uni to make sure their kids get the answer sheets

Fe Aman Allah

abdullah SH said...

sorry weda iam nt with u in ur result .... cheating !!!
iam now in 5th yr in medical schooh college bt tll now iam nt see any case of cheating at least in my yr .... maybe in other groups !!! bt i think nt all libyan doctors cheating or vn most of them ???
maybe d student get some of help from doctor in some degree bt nt 2 d level make him pass easly or success without any effort maybe in other college !!!
salam sis ...

youma said...

cheating is not good behavior every where not just for doctors

linda said...

يلي بنقولهولك ان احيانا الغش يكون كويس

يعني في حالة نسيتي حاجة قانون متلا لمسئلة ونقلتيه مش مشكلة
وحاجة انت قاريتيها وتأكدتي منها مش مشكلة

لكن انا نعارض حاجة وحدة بالطب ان يمكن الواحد يشري المادة
بغنى عن الغش فحد داته الواحد يقدر يشري لولده او بنته شهادة طب هده كارتة

الطب مهنة مش تجارة بشر

Motherland said...

The end justifies the means ... I believed by this say ... but I do not agree with the cheaters especially in the medical field ... you know I forgot this word and I do not know it still used in the college ... Best regardS

WEDA said...

salam 4 u all.........

*mr anglo:that's my real hope that they make any response not a complete action

*mr a_akak:really of course in ben 2 they r buying exams 2 wat do u think they will be

*abdullah:may be there 's not so much in ur college but there're many n ours ...& not only boys there r girls 2 ...

*youma :thanx 4 ur sweet commenet

*linda : really sis never cheating was a good thing so never say that bcuz it's not a kind of help at all it's any way cheating

*motherland:really i know that the end justifies but wat u say wen u see them passing 4m year 2 year with higher marks than u the poor who studies all the time really when is the end

Crowded Mind said...

Good points weda
We all knows how it works here
عشان خاطر بنت فلان مبوش يحطو الدكتور الفلاني في لجنة الشفوي
thats kills me
Or the boys can go to the hospital at the exam's night and make a deal with the security syetem to get inside to see the cases before the exam and then they got the best mark in the Dof3a seriously that whats going on here
Thanks Allah that Bengo is better that Tripoli
Can you believe that they don't have oral
والمشكلة انا لجنة طرابلس تجي من عند غادي باش تسحنا حني في الشفوي وهما صغارهم يخلو فيهم مرتاحين
and they get to the exam with تركيزات
yalla ensha Allah khir
fe aman Allah

سفير السلام said...

السلام عليكم
أول زيارة ليا هنا ومع انه ثقافتي الإنجليزية خير من الحمار بشويه فهمت شنو الموضوع

أكثر شي هلكنا هو الماديات والاجتماعيات
شن علاقتهم بالموضوع
اللي ماعنداش جهد عالطب علاش يخش فيه على سبه الفلوس وكيف عائلة فلان بنتهم دكتوره واحني لا و.. و.. الخ الخ الخ
وبعدين واحد ماشيه امروه بالغش كيف بيستمر في مهنته بعدين او ناجح لانه بوه كلم فلان وفلانه بيش ينجحوه
ربي يوفقك في دراستك