Saturday, July 05, 2008

why libyan doctors are not trustable??? "episoide 1"

salam 4 all.really i'm so intereset in finding a solution 4 this proplem....which affects all i'll try in these episoids 2 know the cause & find the solution...........
really i find that one of the most important points THE TYPE OF LEARNING that we all follow,in fact, this starts 4m the first day they learn us hw 2 be criminals not we 'r still learning with natural cadavers"dead people" so 4m the first day u'll notice hw every one in the anatomy lab deals with those ..4m the dr to the workers & even the door keeper...all of them share ?? they pull...cut ...throw...& carry those cadvers 4getting that if those dead people are alive won't agree abut that....& they even ask u 2 do like them! ...& f u don't they'll think that u r afraid or u don't like most students follow that & add more...they cut muscles, veins and tendons so drs won't ask them abut n exams.....& not only that they steel some organs 2 study over them & then throw them in front of the lab!& play with bones write over tham their letters& steel them 2...!

so wat do u think those students will be ? famous successful drs??? or butchers....???
but in another way can u ask any one of them "CAN U BE A CADVER 4 THE LAB ONE DAY...DO U LIKE THAT??""OF COURSE not.........
but really were r the human rights organizations ?? isn't bad??& isn't it time 2 stop using natural cadavers.I know that there are now artificial ones.....why ???


nirvana said...

its good topic 4 real problem .... i think they use real dead body 2 make u know how 2 deal with bodies in future ... . and da artificial body don't show every details ( 4 example the grooves on bone z not clear on artificial) ......... i think the problem z da way of Dr. that he deals with those bodies !!!!!!!!........i am 2 happy that u care about this .................... peace out

حنان شلبي said...


ويدا يا حياتي جد ضحكتيني عليكي

وعفكرة انا مو دموية ولا شي ولا بحب كون ضد فكرتك
سدقيني الطب بالذات هوة العلم الوحيد الي لازم الانسان يتعلمو عشي واقعي لانو لو بدنا نتعلم عشي صناعي سدقيني حتيجي بارض الواقع ما تعرفي تمسكي المشرط ولا تعملي عملية لاي شخص بحاجتك لانو ممكن تترعبي او يحن قلبك او او او ..... كتير اشياء لهيك لازم قلبك يجمد عشي واقعي لتعرفي بعدين تتصرفي لمة بتنحطي بهالموقف عالطبيعة

وتحياتي الك والله يصبرك وينجحك ويعينك

abdullah SH said...

Realy intersting post weda ... I remember when i was in 1st yr d doctrs calld us " lucky students " cuz we learn on new cadaver & no 1 use it b4 us bt believe me in d end of yr d cadaver looks like someone chewing meat then vomited it out "y3" evry1 fight 2 do somthin !! Bt mst b practice on human cadaver nt model bt d prob how 2 deal e it & d big prob same rules nearly doin 'e patients no respect 4 those ppl ...u wll reach 4&5th yr &thn wll see tht by ur eyes 'e some exeptions ...

a_akak said...

I love the way you put it and I totally agree but these corps are there for a bigger reason and that is for Dr's to learn and not make mistakes when the real thing starts anyway I still disagree with the way these corps are treated by students as there are many video's on youtube of how students are playing around with the corps

I look forward to episode 2

Fe Aman Allah

WEDA said...

salam 4 u all & thanx alot 4 commenting in fact can i ask u a Q so u'll feel wat i mean....CAN U BE A CADAVER ONE DAY??" IF ABY ONE SAYS YES SO'LL BE OK....BUT SURE NON OF US WILL DO

Crowded Mind said...

you made me remember my days in the Anatomy when I got fight with
MRI T1 (ask your sister)
he did a horrible thing infront of my eyes I couldn't handle it I was like Respect that cadecer ya Dr but he didn't get me
صياحاتي كانت مخلطة وهو كان زي الاطرش في الزفة مفهمش دوتي
as usual

anyway you can't blame us weda because I'll drop it on the big heads in our college If they were good infront of us nothing will happen but they were rude and they didn't teach us well
For me I hate the Anatomy's department in Our college and I can't trust them at all

ahah that was my badge Trust me Im a Dr but mine is yellow hehe

fe aman Allah

Maya M said...

I wouldn't mind one day to join "the dead who teach the living", i.e. the cadavers in the dissection hall.
In fact, I used to carry in my bag a notice that, in case I die, I wish my body to be used for medical, scientific and teaching purposes. I discarded it later because I learned it was invalid under our laws. Sudden death is typically caused by an accident or a crime, and in these cases the law orders the body to be autopsied and then buried to be available for exhumation if needed. And this makes sense.
Anyway, I don't think my relations would agree to send my body to the dissection room. Organs for donation, yes, but nothing to remain for burial - what will people say?
Our cadavers are usually of lonely old people without relations. I don't find it so outrageous that these people, deprived of children and grandchildren, are accompanied by nice young people at least in their last journey.

Maya M said...

I recommend to you the story "Simeon Calamaris" by A.U. Pietri. It is about a medical student who is so moved by his first cadaver that decides to find out the identity and story of the man... Let me tell no more, or I'll spoil your reading.

Anonymous said...

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