Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drops of Horror: First Horror Movie to be Produced in Libya

really i became so shoked when i saw my name n a film movie i share n 2 years ago ......really i can't stop thinking......but any way it'was a nice project
Monday, October 29, 2007
First Libyan Horror Movie
Drops of Horror: First Horror Movie to be Produced in Libya

"In the midst of murder and mystery an intricate tale of horror holds audiences in suspense. Entitled: Drops of Horror, its producers have affirmed that this is the first horror film to be produced in Libya.

"Drops of Horror being true to its name is played by nine young talented first time actors, Housam Shghaifa, Mohamed Farekash, Adam Bargathy, Ahmed Sewi, Hamza Osman, Nada Alrahaibi, Suaad Alnasify, Rewada Mohamed Said and Mowada Bushnaf. Most of them are students at Al Fateh Centre for the Gifted in Benghazi.

"Twenty-three-year-old Maye Bushnaf director and cameraman said: 'It’s a unique first, a Libyan horror film produced by locally talented actors. The story line is set over two days of suspense with an intriguing twist and an Islamic moral to the story.'

"'Drops of Horror' was filmed in 2005 over a period of two months at the Al Fateh centre for the Gifted. It is a low budget production film of 49 minutes duration that was finally finished for release in November of 2006. [...]"
Source: Tripoli Post, August 4, 2007


Crowded Mind said...

Dear weda
Its nice to see you here
I'm shocked too I know this movie very well because I know maye & Mowada since long time and I have this pic but I've never ever felt that this girl in the corner is weda oh girl you look different !! I didn't know that you're part of this movie
good work weda even anglolibyan once talked about this movie .

maye she is active girl mashaAllah 3aleha
yalla now
fe aman Allah

abdullah SH said...

Iam happy 2 hear about libyan movie wish 2 watch it soon &wll judge on it after that ...

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Weda
this is very interesting, I would really like to watcg this film.
I have actually written about it last year, here is the link:

WEDA said...

thanx dear anglo but n fact i was invated 2 watch it 4 the first time last simmer as a start it looks good ....... n my opinion i like it ........i'll try soon 2 get a copy 4 my bolg .......ijust have some pics now,,,,,,thanx again 4 visiting my blog

Lebeeya said...

A movie I MUST see.. Where can I get a copy?? And are you really staring in the film??

You are a celebrity :)

WEDA said...

really it's a nice movie but......i'm not the heroen ...unfortunately.....i'm the first one who dies"LOOSER"....any way it was a chance 2 try.....why not as it's i liked it ..............i'll try 2 get u all a copy after i'll finish eams b n contact

dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
well well , thats realy great move. so hopefuly u will be famous star soon, i have not seen the movie yet. but i mught get try to get the copy of the dvd when i get to benghazi,good luck

Anonymous said...

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