Friday, February 05, 2010

I won’t say that this one is a bad person just by look again

…………….i was really impressed & I felt like that I’m so bad as I thought a bad thought about someone whom I don’t know ……….but now I really I wish I have a son who’s like him …………….i used to join the Out Patient Department in the evening it was really a good chance for me to see more cases & really know how to deal with patient & know how I should manage ………in that time I used to help the doctor as of course they all helped me a lot which’s something I won’t forget at all for them & I hope I can do something back for them, but let me be back to talk about that guy , he was in his 20s , smoker & talking in a loud voice nearly fighting with the security man so I asked him what’s the problem he told me that his mum is sick I told him OK , I got back to the OPD  to see his mum, she was in 60s old lady cant speak & cant move from her place , I went back to ask about whose with her talk about her problem , so I asked that young man what’s her problem he told me that she’s a patient of Alzheimer disease, & a CVA which stopped her from moving her place , & nearly global dysphasia , so I asked him again that I wanna the one who knows her drugs & taking care of her at least more familiar with her problem he told me Me  I said ok but who’s washing her feeding her that’s  whome I wanna he told me ME……… I thought another bad thought she must be complaining of bed sores , so I asked him again  he said I’m sure she ‘s free………….so I asked what’s her problem .???? he told me I’m just worried about her I measured her BLOOD PRESSURE , TEMPRETURE , as daily & I found that she’s little hot so I seeked medical advice ……………………really al7amdolelah that she was OK,              & I’ll never forget that young man whom if I see him in the street I’ll say he’s bad boy smoker not in a good look but really I wish that I ‘ve a  son like him ………………..
               In fact I’ve stopped those thoughts about people just by look since then…………….People aren’t the way they look just the way they deal 

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مـــــنى و هنـــد said...

salam Weda at first am happy to hear ur activity,,,then i`d like to say may allah bless that man,,,n the most imp lesson we learned every day n our field that ppl comes n all classes but our class shouldn`t change except for the better wt ever the personality n front of us we shouldn`t harry untill hear their story cause they have something to tell,,,good luck... Mona