Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i've see the scene before but i thought that this is the only time it happened so i shocked at first but couldnt for get but this time i couldn't belive my eyeys again i asked my friend to see yeah it's happening again ................allah's mercy is the only cause that they are still there.........
as you all know how far the pediatric horpital from the obstetric premature children are transfeerred from anenatal care to pediatric hopital which's far away , the miracle happens when those babies are leaving the hospital, i heaed the nurse calling for help as she was pushing the babie s incuabtor , & now the poor baby in incubator but all cars around so she cant access to the ambulane (but sorry this is not an ambulance it's a bus for the hospital but used as a an ambulance those days )so they call for help from men infront of the hospital , & to the worst part they couldnt find away at all, to reach the ambulbas ,so they managed to carry the oxgen clinder & the other men carried the incubator .............till they reached the ambulance no it's a bus after you see such an action ..........what'll be your mood ......? yarab

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