Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Libyan but from where????????????/

              yes i'm libyan , libyan from Benghazi which suffered 42 years and started the uprising in 15th of februry ,lost her sons and great heroes , suffered for 4 days .......................but as a one body if you hurt the heart the whole body will be affected ,Zintan which hundered kilometers western benghazi , rise up her voice Benghazi you arenot alone we will treat your wounds.
Tripoli shouted(benghazi we give you our souls and blood ),when they saw what happened for their brothers in Benghazi . and for sure Ajdabyia ,and the whole east , Misurata and the Great Zawia did the same too .
so i forgot where i'm from since the 17th of Februry , as i wish to be from :

Emsaad : the great heroes who liberated and saved our boreders and montered all what's arriving to libya .
Tobruk : who shouted and came with all her efforts to support Benghazi and liberate her .
Derna : the great men who saved their lands when Gadafi forces came by planes with thousands of his forces and mecneries and non of them could survive in front of those heroes , who just said we are with Benghazi ,and sure no for Gaddafi.
Albydaa ,and inspite of their daughter is Gadaffi's wife ,what happened in Benghazi touch their souls , and they came to support her too .
Shahat , in which the first female child was killed ,she did nothing except stood infront of her home looking for the heroes .
Almarj , in which the first militry forces joined Benghazi revolutioners and came to support them .
Benghazi ,in which her lovely sons and daughters did created FACEBOOK, page 17th of februrary let's make it an anger day ......but why this date specifically ....???                                                                                                                                                 As more than 20 young men were killed in front of the Italian embassy in 17-2-2006 , they did nothing but protested in front of the building complaining about the act of one Italian minster's acts against our Prophet Mohammed .                              
               And as the Jasmine revoultion started millions of libyans were looking forward to a revolution that will end all this suffering even though that they all know that it wont be easy as them . but before that date Regime forces send thousands and Mr. Abdallah Alsanusi to Benghazi , as they know it's the beating heart of Libya, and in the 15/2/2011 he captured Mr. Terbil who's the lawyer of Abosaleim disaster in which 1270 political prisoners were killed in 2 hours time ,so the families came out to demonstrations saying WHY??? but as a simple answer guns were used that night .many of those captured and brought to secret internal police and tortured there . but as they were afriad of 17 / 2/ and what happened before they released MR. Terbil with mpre demonstrations in the city center next day morning in which his forces used the guns again but heavier , and this what let all Benghazi say it loudly in Protests asking for better living and judge conditions "Tell Moamar and His Sons That there are real men in Benghazi ", this sentece which he couldont tolerate and send his son Alsaaadi to benghazi at the same night talking through the radio stations and balming us for every thing and exactly at the same time his men were running in the streets trying to capture, torture and smply kill every one who's asking for more ...........          i can still remmber Friday 18/2 when i came out and saw hundreds of funerals getting to the streets , and people raised them up in their way to burry their bodies , they were shooted and many people again ...............i think all those acts came together to let people say "WE WANT THIS REGIME DOWN "or game over ..........                           But the reaction was more than expected not only light guns were used , anti aircarfts were used heavily . i can still hear their  resonance and see how they lighten the sky , i can still remmber the blood in the streets , the tears and the great shock look in everyone's face ................. but Benghazi did it with the help of her brothers in the eastern areas and Ajdabyia ,they put down the Katiba in 21 / 2, and we lost more than 200 young men and thousands of injured people too...........................                      As we lived that horrible days , i wished to win but we has nothing to use it against him , i remmber young men carrying stones , fishermen using their simple bombs , every one is doing his best and he said that not only men he will send his mecenries to homes too , it was horrible too ................but pur men were in the time you can see them infront of Katiba , throghing stones , carrying their best friends who are either injured or dead beside them ................. i remmber when he used the Ambulances to carry more mecenries and get inside the crowd and kill more guys , some other young men used their own cars and mini buses as ambulances thousands went to hoepitals asking for anything to do ,and donating blood , others came to streets gathering food ,water , balnkets and any thing could be needed in hospitals as the main Emergencuy hospital was full and no enough beds , doctors did their revolution and opened the emergency department in BENGHAZI MEDICAL CENTER , which was run by one of his men and the hospital buses and ambulances were used to carry mecenries, doctors stand and open it ,and every one particpated women brought food and drinks to the whole pateints , some children and old men came to clean and carry patients , and all medical students came to do their best . i can still remmber one old lady came with flowers getting inside all the rooms and hugging pateints , i wanted to know to whome she's coming ??? where's her son ?? but she said i dont know any of them but i still can feel their pain in side me , and i'm not a doctor or a nurse to treat them i thought my words could do something and thAt's why i came .Many buisness men, farmers  , phrmacists brought their stock to the hospitals freely.Another old lady coming to the hospital with her Hypertension treatment and Asprin asking the hospital to take it to use it for more serious cases as she think she can help .And not to forget that at the same tiime hundreds were coming injured and dead to the hospitals . i remmber the patients who were shooted in their legs answer when we used to ask them what they nned , they simply say can i barrow your leg to continue with the guys ................................ but with all that pain , it came to an end and with nothing we could do it and by210/2/2011 all the eastern area was liberated till Ajdabyia ,it was a feeling that i cant describe as all that Pain came to an end it was like a miracle happened with our prayers for this win .What people in the world may not belive that benghazi people brought most of the guns they found on that night in Katiba ,the next day directly to the wepons collecting places without any push from any one, simply every one was convinced that we are liberated now for what we need it .As i was a medical student i 've never seen any horrible wounds like what i saw that days , but with all that pain patients say never mind dont worry doctor it will heal and i'll be well .
Ajdabyia , our frontline heroes who were the fence of the east , as most of her residence left it , they houses and camps were opened for them just to look for thie great needs , and they acted the same to help others from the westeren areas .
Albrayga , our natural gas source whome her great engineers didd their best to save their stations from Gaddafi's plans and now back
Ras lanoof , Benjawad whome were liberated but under heavy fire Gaddafi broght them back .
Misurata , whome i cant say much as if isay any about it it will be few .
Tripoli ,our capital , whome her sons were killed in thousands  just because the say that we feel you Benghazi ,and now under siege .
Alzawia , it said no we are with Benghazi but it wasnot lucky as benghazi as he poured all his shit over it , and killed her men and women , whatever their jobs and age , put down her Mosques and did whatever you may think of .But even if he control it as he say his men cant sleep calmly for one hour their .
Zwara, was the same as her neigbour Alzawia .
The great Nafusa Mountain ,simply whome am i to talk about wonderful brave men like you m we did nothing in Benghazi as you Brothers .
Alkuffra ,Jalw,Awjla and Merada our oil fields . water . electricity safers , our great fence against the forcese coming from Sahra and Africa .
i know those are not all the areas those are little of much much more , so If you are libyan as me Proudly to say that , where you choose ????                                        
      i can choose only  one yes i can and it's enough for me ...................................................  I'M LIBYAN ,and i can be all so why you choose one while you can have all .........................BE Libyan and you are the best .....................


Paul Edwards said...

Hi Ruwida. You are totally right. Libyans are very brave for standing up against Gaddafi's automatic weapons. The Libyans showed that it was possible to do the impossible!

Anonymous said...

i'm soooooooooooo proud I'm Libyan all wt u've said z true, May Allah bless our revolution and save us.
miss u hun. go on u r genius

Eleani said...

Younare so brave for voicing your thoughts on this blog. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Ruwida Ashour said...

Paul Edwards
i really appreciate your efforts with Libya .................... its always possibly in Libya

Ruwida Ashour said...

thanks Eleani
we really need those words ..........dont forget us with your prayers