Monday, September 12, 2011

TO :Dear President Sarkozi , Obama , Hamad , amd all the leaders from Benghazi

Dear President and the French People ,

                 As the time we are passing to a new Era , and getting our way to freedom , we would like to thank and appreciate your efforts in which we could stand and kick the Gadaffi regime , thank you we find you an honest brother trying his best to save his brother , with our brave men we find you a gun , with our will you helped us to go in the right path ................. thanks and you can't belive how that meant for us ..........

yours Sincerely 


Anonymous said...

You Libyans are so naive. Sarkozy and Cameron hate Muslims and helped destroy your infrastructure so that they can help you rebuid it at your expense. After NATO's bombs will come multinational companies to rape your motherland. Your leaders like Mahmoud Jibril are CIA agents with self-interest and willingness to serve their Masters. God help Libya. Your nightmares will be worse than under the cruel Ghadafi.

Ruwida Ashour said...

sorry but what happened to Libya is something related to humanity it's not a matter of religion , dont worry about Libyans and we can do it , NATO and Interantioal community supported us to pass it , and be aware Nato didnt destroy any thing except Gaddafi's Tanks whome without 1973 UN could be a past Libyans