Monday, October 03, 2011

I owe you my life .... Libyan Pilots !

to those who didn't know Benghazi i wanna remember the most difficult day in my life yeah it was February 21 , 2011 , i 'll never forget when the Qaddafi TV declared that at 12:00 on this day airplanes will attack Benghazi  , i still remember changing my clothes sitting beside all my family calling all my friends and people whom i don't want to leave , i still remember calling my best friends , crying together and praying to Allah that may help us to survive we waited ...........yeah waited to die safely and not to leave Benghazi 
 but after the time passed we realised in TV that real Libyans refused to it , yeah they refused to bomb Benghazi people ,

but do we know those people ?????? no at all We are Libyans and we are their people and they love us ............. Dear Pilots , if you like us we are in Love with you and we owe you our lives .......... i 'll never forget you niether the Libyan people , who belive in their heroes those who saved their lives ........... 

Love you 

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Maya M said...

Nice post! I hope the families of those brave men did not suffer.