Saturday, October 11, 2008

back to back

salam every one......after not a very long summer holiday i'm back to universty...yeah but as usual it's over crowded the class u can't find a plce to put a needle every day we've to share chairs as we couldn't find place for 5 of us so we sit together..."i'm sure that they mean it ,,,,they want us to have strong relations with each others & learn real friendship....maY be ""...I'M NOW STUDYING PHARMACOLOGY&PATHOLOGY& MICROBILOLGY AND PARASITOLOLGY...ALL NEW SUBJECTS FOR ME BUT I READ LITTLE OF THEM IN ARABIC IN SECONDRY SCHOOL

dear bloggers i'll be with you up to 16 oct....then i'll try to come around from time to time lots of my elder friends i met on friday in a medical conference for management of infertility with my lovely association "LMSA"LIBYAN MEDICAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ;asked me to TAKE care of my lessons well as you know the 3rd year is more difficult

.......i wish u all the best &i'll try to post from time to time as i can ...but as you know i've to concentrate well.........i'm studying to be a doctor


titi said...

study well, & u have 2 help me studyin 2, good luck

riyadh said...

الله يكون في العون ويدا
أنا ما زلت نمتحن وما زالي مادة القايني
ردي بالك من سنة تالتة أول بأول وقبل إمتحان الباثواجي أقري أسئلة عمران الفيتوري يكرر فيها نصا هذه معلوماتي عن العرب الطبية

WEDA said...

titi..........i can't stop helping u .u r my soul

WEDA said...

best luck i wish u ........i'll do ...dr omran is with us