Thursday, October 09, 2008

sight & mentality

today 9/october is the world sight day every year the WHO tries with other sight realted organizations to put on goals to acheive every year to fall down the number of the blind ppl every year..see this paper for the WHO this year.......
Worldwide, 45 million people are blind, the great majority of whom are
over 50 years of age, but in over three-quarters of cases, especially those
affecting older people, the sight loss results from preventable or treatable
causes (otherwise known as avoidable) - 75% of blindness is avoidable.
- 80% of blind people are over 50 years of age
- Cataract is the world's greatest cause of blindness, yet its cure is
well-known, fast and one of the most cost-effective of all health
- Timely intervention can preserve sight, so regular eye tests for older
people are essential
The emerging danger to ageing eyes - diabetic retinopathy
At least 171 million people worldwide have diabetes mellitus. This figure
is likely to more than double to an estimated 366 million by 2030, with the
greatest proportionate increase occurring in medium and low-income countries.
Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a common complication of diabetes and has now
become a leading cause of new-onset blindness in many industrialised
countries and an increasingly frequent cause of blindness elsewhere.
Whereas most people with diabetes in industrialised countries are above
the age of retirement, in developing countries those most frequently affected
are much younger, in the 'working' age group between 35 and 64. People in
this situation will be affected by their condition for far longer, for
example living with the resulting sight loss for twenty years or more. The
steep global increase in diabetes will occur because of population ageing and
growth, and because of increasing trends towards obesity, unhealthy diets and
sedentary lifestyles.
Studies have shown that, with good management, many of the complications
of diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Effective management includes
lifestyle measures such as a healthy diet, physical activity, maintaining
appropriate weight and not smoking. Medication often has an important role to
play, particularly for the control of blood glucose, blood pressure and blood

so please take care of your heakth as you can save your sight.........may be you don't know that i wish to be a sight saver one day i hope no more sight loss in this world fact i dream of that day in which no mor eblind ppl in this world .........


10/10 of every year is the wolrd day of mental i knew in the WHO definition that there're n o one who 's completly fit in mentalaty,so in libya we rally need more care of mental health , in fact libyans or arabs as all think that who go to a psychitrist or a psychologist is a mad person & of sure he's not .........
as alibyan i know alot of ppl who really need visits to a psycholgist at least from time to time even cuz of studying stress or any cirumstances but he can't ...we all must belive that we all need psychologists & specially those who suffer,& what really made me boil that alot of libyan families are hiding those members of it that sufferes at home as if they are something to shame of ??? those ppl must shame of their selves not the sickeness & really they are sick ppl too as they couldn't face the normal life proplems & ttried ti hide them............



Anonymous said...

Hi weda,
nice topic, and thanks 4 all these information,
i know that you wish to be ophthalmologist oneday, i really wish that 4 u 2,
just go on, and u'll be that enshaAllah...

a_akak said...

I good cause

As for psychiatric and Libyans ... They simply see it as a "Taboo" as people would never go and see a shrink

Nice topic and may Allah help you to fulfill your dreams

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

I promise you I am reading this with my glasses on :o)

I didnt know about today, thanks for the very useful information you provided and have a great day.

may said...

ويدا مواضيعك مميزه كا العادة,,, وشكرا على هل المعلومات

abdullah SH said...

weda ... day by day i became addicted 2 ur blog cuz always u focus on important things we missed it " world sight day " believe me ths `s 1st time i know about it .... thanx alot ... i know d diabetes now carry alot of complication day by day & DR one of them ... bt d problem in those ppl whch loss of vision accidentaly !!! 4 any reason ...

keep on tht ...


M.K said...

موضوع مفيد...
شكرا لكي ..
hope you the best..

Meme said...

world sight day??
never heard of it before!!!!
see that's the benefit of reading a blog specially like yours..
thank you dear for this information