Thursday, October 01, 2009

old people ..........whrer are they now???????????

every year the whole world celebrate the old people's day 1/OCTOBER , & celebrate what hey present for them from health care to mental & financial care , for me & as a Libyan i've never knew about it here before as i've never heared about any development fpr our routes yeah, who are those old ppl they are me & u but not now after a few years , i know how much youth are still suffering , but youth can do it & can bring back thier rights but what about old ppl , who 's talking about them ????
AS a Libyan i lived such an experience with my grands may Allah bless them & all muslims , they needed a special care that can't be done with ordinary ppl ,but i couldn't find any , is there any health centers for them??? we 've thousands for children but in fact we forgot about our fathers & mothers n't it ??
I wont count but Alzheimer's disease is invading our community from every where without any difference yeah even it it can be prevented by supporting special drugs for those ppl
Not even ealth in libya ppl retire since they are in the early 60s , & can't find any place to go to no clubs or even open areas just for them where they can meet & comuincate ..........even jobs in the whole world they can work reaching 60 doesn't mean death ! Omara almokhtar had fighted against italians as he were even libyans can do can't belive how diificult to ba at home & not work or do any thing !!!!
, it time to take care of us in future or still.......if not the train is running & is bringing you closer to them so save millions just before you be one of them


abdullah SH said...

in da libya seems act like this words asy " el7ay ab2a men elmait " !! .... no body looking for those ppl even we grow & educate by them but in da end we congrats them by sucks way " ignoringgggg " ....


nirvana said...