Friday, August 28, 2009

libya is green .....libya to be clean2010

libya is agreat country at least for me specially , nearly 200 km o f wonderful beach a graet SAHARA & incredible greenaria , this difference in nature gives libya the speciality, but wherer ever u go & find those wonderful pics above u , just look btween your feet u can find it ....... yeah at leas a plastic bag , bottles of water ,drinks tanks & this stuff that we all know .....but when it's up
..............after milion of years , i knew that it takes decades before plastc dissolves in soil, so what's the solution.......we wontplant any more trees or plants our s are enogh for noe at least , but ours still need some care to be CLEAN .... GREEN......,.........CAN WE SPREAD THE IDEA ,
Doesn't our LIBYA need more care of us at least this year 2010......
as simple as that every one can do it ..... yeah YOU can make  change ........every thime you  go na  apicnic for free9 no one pays in libya for picnincs), you'll simply pay this year , not areal payment but just bring back what you brought with you the previous years , nothing of this rubish came  alone it came with you , your family & your friends ....lets' start our action for LIBYA green  & clean...... we still have time ..... tell me your opnions & we'll strt soon ........
libya is your home no one will chnage it exept's your turn now...


qasem said...

why in 2010 exactly?
in September,,, in 2010 in .... etc .
i think that's problem cause.


elekomm - إليكــم said...

ربي يسمع منكِ........2010 قريبه جداً جداً....!!!


MusicLover said...

What you write in general is true but you have to remember your daily manners and ethics are taught by your parents in early stages in life and stay with you for the rest of life. Reminding us what we suppose to act is appreciated but we as humans we have faults and sometimes it is good to be reminded by someone we need to do more for our society. No country can prosper with out volunteer work & charity. My own daughter puts me in shame :-) when it comes to volunteer work.

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