Saturday, August 22, 2009


t his is a great proplem i'm facing in my are yeah addicts are spreading their magic in our streets , as i'm an old neighbour i don't face any proplems but i can see what i don't like that's what's making me afraid , in fact let me say that i really hate (ADEL ) who's a great seller in  SOUGH ALHASHISH  in fact people used t o call it like that because it was an area of seeling grass which old libyans used to call HASHISH, but now it's really a HASHISH zone ......thanx allah our children are knowing what's happening around so they are careful but what made me mad is giving those druugs to mentally retaired guys ....... any way i'm ready for help but until when ...............please if you know what i cna do tell me ????
 i see in TV how the authorities are trying to stop those but we're n help just take our hands to stand at once & say 


elekomm - إليكــم said...

مشكلة الادمان احد اكبر مشاكل المجتمع الليبي بالذات في المدن الرئيسة ، تحتاج منا نحن كمواطنين وكدولة الوقوف بجد حياد هذه الظاهرة التي غيرت من تمسك شبابنا بدينهم وعاداتهم الكثير والكثير......اتمنى ان تضع الدوله في اولوياتها هذه المشكله

شكراً لكِ

تقبل ِ مروري .......

فــاتن said...

sorry 2 say this become our society z problem....

ppl checken out.. n try 2 keep away frm troubles...n everybody blames "the unknown "...

but still,,, we have ppl who wanna do sth 2 face those criminals... n really I wanna thank u 4 this post..

for wut 2 do.... I guess u gotta ask about Drug Enforcement Agency's address... or telephone number...

I searched google 4 information n this is wut I got..

البريد الالكتروني :

أرقام الهواتف
(tell : (+218-21-3698930 -3698931 - 3694921 - 3698935 )

عنوان الموقع

wish this would help..